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A Must Have 16 Fire Tracks with Features from Ying Yang Twins, Collipark, Traphouse Wreck Chords, and More.

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1. Wet T-Shirt (Ft Ying Yang Twins) [Prod. By Mr. Collipark]

2. Money Callin

3. Bitch You Ugly (RMA ft. Duff.E)

4. FDB (Crazii Bitch) [Prod. By BOLO]

5. Aint No One Got Time For That (ft. Louie)

6. Shut This Bitch Down [Prod By Traphouse Wreck Chords]

7. Like A Ying Yang SongĀ (Ying Yang Twins Ft. Duff.E) [Prod. By DJ Scientist]

8. Stoners Anthem

9. Bet I Make You (ft Louie)

10. Johnny Bravo

11. Make You Wanna Trick (ft. Louie)

12. Shake Dat Bubble [Prod. by Traphouse Wreck Chords]

13. You Should Be Mine (ft. Louie)

14. Guilty

15. Ganja Dubstep Remix

16. You & Your Friends Remix


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